Currencies Buying & Selling

Our firm CSK Forex is involved in rendering apt services for World Currency Buying & Selling. Most of our clients look for convenience and security in the forex instrument and they want to carry on their visit abroad. Being the Market Leaders and major wholesalers of physical foreign currency banknotes, we offer the most competitive rates with an assurance of genuineness of the banknotes. We on daily basis export currencies to our business partners globally.

Visa Travel Card

Visa Travel Card is a secure, convenient and hassle free way to carry money and make payments when traveling abroad. With the Travel currency Card you can pay directly at all Visa enabled merchant outlets (shops, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores etc.) Travel Card is a pre-paid foreign currency card that makes your foreign trip totally hassle-free and convenient.

Master Travel Card

We have tie ups with leading reputed banks to distribute their prepaid travel card products available in various major currencies like us ollar, euro, british pound, australian dollar, swiss franc etc., . Operating on the VISA platform, these cards are accepted at over 10 million Visa Electronic Merchant shopping establishments, in addition to providing access to local currency through various self-owned and affiliated ATMs worldwide